Chateu Greysac

It all started in the sunny fields of El Paso, Texas…

Chateu Greysac was established as a family winery in 1916. It only produced wine for the family, as well as a few nearby farms that wanted to buy some for special occasions. The weather is perfect – hot enough for grapes to grow, but also wet at times for them to absorb water and become large and juicy – the ideal scenario.


Over the last century, the winery started producing wine for nearby areas as well, only to end up covering the entire Texas. Today, our wines are sold all over the USA and some of them have even made it internationally. Moreover, we commercialize fine wines from all over the world – wines that can make the difference at a special occasio.

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Our Experts

We have put together a team of experts led by professionals.


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How We Make Wine

Learn more about the exciting process of making wine.

Chateu Greysac is based on different types of grapes. Our wineries are huge and cover multiple acres. While grapes are relatively ready at similar times, certain types will take less or longer to be done. For this reason, we produce wine throughout the entire summer and fall seasons. Our wineries also go through comprehensive care procedures for a healthy result.

Maintenance involves various treatments – including cutting and trimming, as well as organic treatments for the actual grapes.

The procedure involves picking grapes, squeezing them and leaving the liquid sit for a while before turning into wine.