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Discover some of the finest wines on the market – Chateu Greysac.

Our wines are extremely diversified. We produce different types of red wine, not to mention white wine and rose. We have both dry and sweet wine, as well as all the variations between them. Simply put, no matter what you like, you will love our products. We have fine wines for special events, dry wines to go with a good dinner and sweet wines for parties. Not sure what you need? Get in touch with some of our experts and we will sort it out for you.

Given our constantly growing reputation and sales, we have also decided to expand our horizons a little. By the end of 1999, we have managed to acquire the rights for various wineries across the world. In other words, we commercialize fine wines from various countries. We also have collectibles on site – whether you want a wine from 1959 or 1980. If a particular wine is good and famous, you better be sure we have it on site.